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Imagine if in “Frozen” when Anna’s heart finally freezes, Elsa, horror struck and filled with grief began to hold her and sing a reprise version of “Do You Want to build a Snowman.”
Cause I feel like it’d go like this:
….Yes I wanna build a snowman….
…And ride our bikes around the halls…
…It’s because I cared for you….
…I hid from you…
…And now you took the fall….. 
…I wanted to protect you….
…Now look at you…
…Frozen by my own hands….
*Pauses looking at her hands*
…Yes I wanna build a snowman…
…And play outside in all the snow…
…I wanted just to hold you close….
…Open up my door…
…Because I loved you most…
…I was always lonely….
…Not anymore…
…Cause now I can finally see…
…I want to build a snowman …
…One more time Anna please………. 





Cat & lynx BFF. [video]

FELINE FACT. The housecat is licking the Lynx’s head, and in turn, the Lynx licks the cat’s shoulder. This symbolizes that the Lynx acknowledges the house cat as it’s “superior” in a Pride sense. So basically the Lynx is a nerd and looks up to the housecat as a real cool kid.

Lynx is just happy that it has got its senpai to notice them :D


Unlikely animal buddies are the actual best thing :D


remember the time shrek 2 ended with the best animated music number ever for no apparent reason


you’ll find that a lot of dreamworks movies end with musical numbers (including the first shrek movie) for the reason that they have no idea how to actually end movies

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found this old piano in the bushes last spring, hiking around an island. it’s been there for so long the tree is growing into it & it makes me wonder who used to play it and why it’s outside

1) jazz fairies 2) midnight jazz fairy parties
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